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Strategic cooperation to win together -- a grand convening of the company's national supplier of suppliers

Strategic cooperation to win together -- a gr...

In May 20, 2011, the company held a group of suppliers with the theme of "strategic cooperation, hand in hand". Through this platform, we will communicate with our suppliers in terms of future development blueprint, suppliers' requirements and friendly cooperation intentions, so as to enhance mutual understanding and achieve strong combination. The leaders of the company, the managers above the manager level in various departments and the representatives of nearly 200 suppliers gather together and seek to cooperate with each other.

Do a good job of supervision and improve the image -- a training meeting on the supervision and acceptance of the decoration of the image shop

Do a good job of supervision and improve the ...

In order to improve the image of the store better decoration quality, and strive to create high-quality brand image stores, following the February 2011 success of "image shop site survey" curriculum training activities, the afternoon of May 14, 2011, the company marketing department and sales department again. A "image shop renovation supervision and acceptance of the decoration" as the theme of the training will be at the meeting room of the office building at the company headquarters, the director of sales, project management department director and all business managers attended and participated in the training, the training will be chaired by the director of marketing Deng Yebang.

2011 Guangzhou International Furniture Expo Audi China furniture new products received high praise

2011 Guangzhou International Furniture Expo A...

In March 27, 2011, the twenty-seventh China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair opened a grand curtain at the Pazhou Exhibition Center in Guangzhou. Flowers, in the grand exhibition center from hundreds of brands of furniture enterprises throughout the country with its unique brand and products show its extraordinary personality and colorful. As the largest and internationally known furniture exhibition in Asia, Guangzhou international furniture exhibition has attracted customers from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe and other parts of the world, making this grand occasion more eye-catching and dazzling.

The furniture industry is selling off-season, the enterprise should make a good turn over the war

The furniture industry is selling off-season,...

Summer is usually the furniture industry sales season, enterprise how to do, can do sales season? In the face of the real estate deal to the impact of the real estate market, as the downstream of the furniture industry has entered a period of deep adjustment under the double pressure from sluggish market and consumers more cautious, many furniture companies are thinking about how in this melee 'breaking', in the coming seven or eight months the traditional sales season, brand construction has become a major manufacturers ring can not be ignored, so how to use the brand construction of many enterprises' breakthrough ', brand building should be how to operate?

Audi China: making enterprises a warm home for employees

Audi China: making enterprises a warm home fo...

Is the beginning of the ten month is 20 years old Audi Chinese New Year starts on the day, the day the staff duty rate of 88.6%, the twelve statistical data has reached 93%. The 7% Li not to the post mainly includes some employees who ask for leave and have not finished the annual leave. Just after the Spring Festival, many labor-intensive enterprises are having a headache for employee turnover. There are endless ways to recruit, promise generous benefits, reimburse the fare and so on. In the years of frequent employee changes, why can Audi employees with more than 500 employees stay at a high position in the year?

The daily life of the marketing staff

The daily life of the marketing staff

We have been engaged in sales and marketing for many years, from sales and sales management to now on the so-called marketing work, for 10 years. Just out of school for one or two years, the intellectual spirit, ambition, can't calm down to something, do not know is the pressure of survival or at school "residual" some good habits "". But two years later, I don't want to learn, perhaps because there are too many "repeating" things every year, a bit accustomed to it or a little "numb". Fortunately, these days have changed two years later, or, now, still in the "confused" in the time. Actually, when I first came out of school, I understood everything, but I didn't understand anything. Many things I learned and grasped slowly in later practice.


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