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Audi China: making enterprises a warm home for employees
Dare:2018-01-05 16:21:41 Clicks:

Is the beginning of the ten month is 20 years old Audi Chinese New Year starts on the day, the day the staff duty rate of 88.6%, the twelve statistical data has reached 93%. The 7% Li not to the post mainly includes some employees who ask for leave and have not finished the annual leave.

Just after the Spring Festival, many labor-intensive enterprises are having a headache for employee turnover. There are endless ways to recruit, promise generous benefits, reimburse the fare and so on. In the years of frequent employee changes, why can Audi employees with more than 500 employees stay at a high position in the year?

Audi China President Mr. Ma Jianyong gave away the "we are hiring, educating and keeping people under the foot work, cultivating the enterprise culture, refining the core values, for employees to create enterprises like the feeling of home, which employees do not love the warmth of home?"

There's no boss here, only a different division of brothers and sisters

"There is no boss, only a different division of brothers and sisters..." Ma's remarks touched all the staff, especially the new employee.

In the recruitment work, in addition to participate in the recruitment, online recruitment methods, auto dynameters support to love moving, encourage employees to work in the hometown, welfare and treatment staff also consider the truth, the realization of human management.

Xiao Li has been working in Audi for three years. It was introduced by Xiao Liu from Hunan. "We went out to work, or our fellow townsman was more trustworthy. He worked in Audi China for more than two years, and felt that welfare and treatment were good in all aspects. He introduced many townsmen. Xiao Li told reporters that a migrant worker can also talk about his hometown and ease the homesickness. In his life and work, he can also take care of each other.

"While the old staff introduced the new employees, it was also the biggest recognition of our business. At the very least, he thinks this enterprise is good, and it agrees with corporate culture, management, development planning, etc. Deng Yebang, deputy general manager of the company, said that the old employees are actually the best "matchmakers" of the enterprises and their employees. They are familiar with both sides. After this initial screening, the matching degree has been greatly improved.

After entering Audi China, besides salary, bonus income, nutritional benefits, health benefits and Medicaid, most employees pride themselves on a monthly birthday party. Every employee receives a greeting card signed by Mr. Ma Jianyong, President of the group, on his birthday, and a wonderful performance at the party. The president, the Department Manager and other company leaders together with the birthday employees clinked glasses and drank each other eat the cake together.

The warmth of the collective is like home to the unbounded employees. A more than 70 year old father said emotionally at his son's birthday party. "Thousands of miles away from home, everyone is celebrating your birthday. So many people have their birthday together and so busy. I feel joy and happiness that I have never seen before. I'm very relieved to have such a great family. "

Racing horses with talent not sticking to formalities

At the beginning of 2011, Audi China selected four outstanding sales directors from the grass-roots level, which was also the embodiment of Audi.

In December 30, 2010, the director of sales and marketing positions open competition will be held at the scene reply. The candidates according to the draw order made an speech, respectively, to smoke the exam on the strategy of competition for jobs, and their ideas on the aspects of employee performance management, team building, personnel training is put forward. Then, the judges are evaluated and evaluated by the field judges. The competition will be carried out in accordance with the "self - trial case - Speech - Interview - Assessment - Publicity - appointment procedures.

"With the intention of employees can participate in the company of" educating people, keep people, racing horses' concept of talent, increase efforts to promote talent selection, talent talent shows itself." Deng Zong said, for the spirit of equality, openness, have both ability and political integrity merit, merit principle, create a self discovery, challenges and opportunities for employees.

"Furniture industry is an industry with low technical content, but excellent enterprises need outstanding talents to support them." President Ma Jianyong said, Audi China in the people, adhere to appropriate internal training and the introduction of the principle of combining, deepen the "competition" competition mechanism, fully exploit and develop the existing human resources company, construction of talent team.

"In the home, do not need promotion according to status as long as you have real ability, have the ability to play the space." Who participated in the competition for the staff said, for employees to create a fair competition opportunity is very important.

Not afraid of "book" to educate people to go further

Part of the traditional Cantonese taboo new year to buy books, books (the "book" and "lost" is a homonym, President Ma Jianyong gave Audi) Chinese New Year gifts are good employees "please give me the results" three books and a set of discs. He hopes that employees can constantly strengthen their own learning, improve their professional quality and business skills, and form a learning style of corporate cultural atmosphere.

In the discovery of talent, Audi China not only motivate these talents to play a role in their respective positions, they also encourage all employees to help backward, and common progress. Audi Hua has selected a number of excellent corporate trainers from various departments to form Audi Audi internal lecturers, and set up Audi Huada auditorium, to enhance staff's internal communication and learning.

At the same time, we also employ foreign and domestic excellent lecturers for training and teaching. Organize employees to participate in outdoor activities at the right time, and let employees get training and training in the activities. Through this series of training activities, we can combine education training with employee career development planning and performance appraisal organically, forming a learning atmosphere of "everyone wants to learn, everyone wants to learn".

"An enterprise that can not learn and improve the space for employees is unable to retain employees. A family without progress can't make family feel the progress of common growth." Ma Jianyong, President of the company, said that Audi China will eventually develop talent and talent team as the basis and basis for long-term development. In 2010, the company was located in the "year of study", and the management idea was "happy work and happy work". This year, the company is clearly positioned in the "year of diligently learning", determined to build the enterprise into a learning organization.

Audi China good for moving, to keep people, only people with collective strength, professional education, optimizing the working environment, and provide all kinds of professional training, the combination of a people-oriented, technology, marketing and management personnel as the core of the enterprise team, to create a good cultural atmosphere of an enterprise respect, care, encouragement, achievement of talents, make enterprise employees become the warm home.

In fact, only the employees as family members, employees will become a family.

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