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Strategic cooperation to win together -- a grand convening of the company's national supplier of suppliers
Dare:2018-01-05 16:28:52 Clicks:

In May 20, 2011, the company held a group of suppliers with the theme of "strategic cooperation, hand in hand". Through this platform, we will communicate with our suppliers in terms of future development blueprint, suppliers' requirements and friendly cooperation intentions, so as to enhance mutual understanding and achieve strong combination. The leaders of the company, the managers above the manager level in various departments and the representatives of nearly 200 suppliers gather together and seek to cooperate with each other.

On the morning of 28 th, the company leaders visited the production base of our company with great interest from the supplier's friends. Through field visits, the supplier's friends deeply understood our company's production strength and further enhanced the supplier's strategic cooperation confidence.

At 15:00 p.m., the fellowship of the supplier is held at the two - floor conference room of the company headquarters. At the beginning of the conference, welcoming Mr. Ma Jianyong, President of the company, said Ma president of welcome, after 20 years of steady development, the company now has "Audi China" famous brand, has become an important force to lead the development of China office furniture industry, the results obtained cannot do without strong support of suppliers of friends, a scarred the company has a thankful heart. In his speech, Ma focused on the current development trend and challenges of the domestic office furniture industry, as well as the importance of establishing strategic cooperation with suppliers.

Through the morning visit, have some knowledge of supplier hard power of our friends, but on the development of company and the course of the soft power of the company existing many suppliers, friends are not clear enough, to solve this problem, the company vice president Mr. Deng Yebang introduced a series of achievements and the development of the company. Through a group of photos, the image shows one of the miracles of the company's innovation and development.

Subsequently, Mr. Deng Yebang, a vice president of the company, expounded the relationship between manufacturers and suppliers from the perspective of customers, and pointed out how suppliers should keep pace with the pace of manufacturers. Deng Runzhen, vice president of the company, discussed the supply requirements and supplier management, and pointed out the necessity and importance of strengthening strategic cooperation from four aspects: integrity, responsibility, innovation and win win.

The sincere speech of the company leader has greatly encouraged the confidence of all the suppliers here! Supplier friends have also published a speech, in cooperation with Audi China supplier representative years witnessed the growth of our ascending, he said in a speech: "Audi China has not changed, always cooperate to equality, mutual trust, pragmatic attitude and style." Supplier friends have said they will build closer ties with the company in the future. Subsequently, the president of the company signed a supplier commitment with some of the suppliers' representatives.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Ma Jianyong, the president of the company, made a summary of the association. Ma said that cooperation between companies and suppliers is not a simple "business cooperation" relationship, but is more likely to be a long-term strategic partnership. In the process of the development of the company, we should grow together, strategic cooperation, and win together hand in hand!

The Supplier Association is the first national supplier conference held since the founding of the company, intended to strengthen between the company and the suppliers of "fish", through the mutual communication and exchange, to improve product quality, deep and strategic cooperation has laid a good foundation!

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