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The daily life of the marketing staff
Dare:2017-12-31 15:16:35 Clicks:

We have been engaged in sales and marketing for many years, from sales and sales management to now on the so-called marketing work, for 10 years. Just out of school for one or two years, the intellectual spirit, ambition, can't calm down to something, do not know is the pressure of survival or at school "residual" some good habits "". But two years later, I don't want to learn, perhaps because there are too many "repeating" things every year, a bit accustomed to it or a little "numb". Fortunately, these days have changed two years later, or, now, still in the "confused" in the time. Actually, when I first came out of school, I understood everything, but I didn't understand anything. Many things I learned and grasped slowly in later practice.

Although the University majored in marketing, but it is just a framework, content is very few, even do not know what is "Cuanhuo" marketing concept are not even this; as for products listed, to distribution, but also the unsuspectingly. Remember, people say: people and people in fact the IQ gap is not very big, the key is the day after learning and accumulation, now it seems, it is very reasonable. In particular, the "extracurricular life" of the marketers.

The marketing person's life, can use some words to sum up: the surface scenery, inner hesitation, face not old, the heart has been great, it seems, is difficult to be talented, achievement, often depressed, than a mule tired, ant is busy, get up early compared to the chicken, sleep later than the dog, than the donkey do more than a pig, eat worse than Yue Fei, than Lai Changxing, Zhongliang nervous.

The marketing person's business life is in this kind of tension, and at the same time, it is exciting, happy and more bitter.

But marketers need to enrich and expand themselves in such an environment, just like doing the market. Zhang also has to go to speed up his career.

To have a normal life

I remember one time, with a customer leader to conduct market research, the market situation is very severe, market share has fallen badly. The leader of the colleague probably knew the situation was not very good before he went. After a day of dealer interviews and market visits, it was found that the problem was much more serious than it was imagined.

The leader was angry. He immediately called the person in charge of the area and told him to come over at once. (because the head of the district was dealing with things temporarily, and he didn't go along, and the leader didn't want him to visit the distributors and the market either. He wanted to see the real situation. The head of the region told him on the phone that he had just returned to the office or did not lead to dinner at the office. The leader was furious and said: the market is made like this, and there is time to cook.

I heard it next to me, and the bottom of my heart could not help crying. First of all, the leader's mood is understandable. I also know him, a very pragmatic person. Secondly, the district leaders said that the timing is not right. Once again, even if the market is not good, we must eat.

I take this example to explain a problem that a marketing person needs to have a normal life. Later, the market did the same thing, not because people didn't cook, but the first is the problem of product and product mix. The second reason is the deviation of dealer's strength and business focus.

Do not think that every day is too busy to be dizzy, eating a bit of food can do the market. Sometimes there is time to think about the strategy, to think about the competition, to think about the product and the brand. What do we do, what do we have to do, what can we do? There is no better way to do it. Most of the time, the inspiration or effective strategy is inadvertently, and may be difficult to say when you cook.

What is normal life? The meal to eat, the sleep sleep, not because of some problems and have no appetite, do not have anxiety, insomnia, loss. Because these are nothing to do. "I like you, because you're not anxious," A said in the "soldier assault". Although the pace of marketing work is fast, but also have a normal day, learn to give yourself space and time.

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