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2011 Guangzhou International Furniture Expo Audi China furniture new products received high praise
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In March 27, 2011, the twenty-seventh China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair opened a grand curtain at the Pazhou Exhibition Center in Guangzhou. Flowers, in the grand exhibition center from hundreds of brands of furniture enterprises throughout the country with its unique brand and products show its extraordinary personality and colorful. As the largest and internationally known furniture exhibition in Asia, Guangzhou international furniture exhibition has attracted customers from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe and other parts of the world, making this grand occasion more eye-catching and dazzling.

The exhibition of many brand enterprises to bring new products debut, Audi China Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd. as an example, the exhibition Audi furniture as an opportunity, the new rubber products grand market, and lead the market to reflect the warm, the exhibition unit and visitors have to give praise. Audi China dealer of Nanning Lai said the total product development innovation, market demand and individual diversity requires a new accord with the trend of consumer products, Audi China plate series products successfully listed in line with the current market demand, product positioning high-end low-carbon fashion ideas and that will have a positive effect for the products quickly open market.

Audi plank office furniture advocates simple and natural fashion style, and draws the mainstream culture thought of individuality and freedom in the era, creating the aesthetical office space for creating life in the new era. Audi China series of new products to market, means "Audi China" brand under the framework of Kong Meng's thought of traditional inheritance formed a series of solid wood, from the western modern cultural exploration adventure series, elegant natural zebra software hallmark series, and advocate and lead the fashion aesthetic culture office metal sheet series, four brand series of products to racing together bridle to bridle. Different styles and cultural creation to cater to the needs of different consumer groups.

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