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Do a good job of supervision and improve the image -- a training meeting on the supervision and acceptance of the decoration of the image shop
Dare:2018-01-05 16:27:26 Clicks:

In order to improve the image of the store better decoration quality, and strive to create high-quality brand image stores, following the February 2011 success of "image shop site survey" curriculum training activities, the afternoon of May 14, 2011, the company marketing department and sales department again. A "image shop renovation supervision and acceptance of the decoration" as the theme of the training will be at the meeting room of the office building at the company headquarters, the director of sales, project management department director and all business managers attended and participated in the training, the training will be chaired by the director of marketing Deng Yebang.

This training course, guided by Deng and Liu director director of planning, marketing department has many years of experience training instructor seimin fan decoration speaker, courses include introduction, decoration supervision image shop decoration process, site supervision requirements, the implementation of the main elements and means of supervision, the image store image of the store decoration acceptance factors and standards of five parts. The supervision of fan teacher focus on image shop decoration process and decoration acceptance criteria for the detailed presentation, referred to in the image of the store decoration acceptance criteria, fan teachers are illustrated, the image store door, image wall, wall of honor, image printing, advertising and printing standards between standard and unqualified field the photos were analyzed, so that students more clearly understand the absorption of training content, but also to further recognize the importance of image store decoration quality.

After the meeting, the sales director said that the training course in every aspect, for the image of the store decoration supervision and inspection of the actual work provides the direction and basis, at the same time, the business manager also said the training course for the next stage is very strong, they will further practical work, the progress and quality of the image of the decoration shop supervision, ensure the image store decoration style and unified brand image promotion.

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