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The furniture industry is selling off-season, the enterprise should make a good turn over the war
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Summer is usually the furniture industry sales season, enterprise how to do, can do sales season? In the face of the real estate deal to the impact of the real estate market, as the downstream of the furniture industry has entered a period of deep adjustment under the double pressure from sluggish market and consumers more cautious, many furniture companies are thinking about how in this melee 'breaking', in the coming seven or eight months the traditional sales season, brand construction has become a major manufacturers ring can not be ignored, so how to use the brand construction of many enterprises' breakthrough ', brand building should be how to operate?

Publicity should be stereoscopic

Facing the slump market environment, everyone has seen a trend of deep adjustment, 'do sales in the peak season, do brand in the low season', it is also recognized as the way. 'when we are silent, you make a sound, obviously more likely to be heard' mygoal furniture president Dai explained that Qisheng plain.

Naturally, in the off-season, there is more time and energy to dig and tidy inside the enterprise. As a propaganda channel, the selection of the media is also particularly important. How to create a strong propaganda offensive, let their brand more people contact, three-dimensional publicity is a natural choice. Now our network media platforms and other new publicity media have been growing rapidly in brand promotion, and various manufacturers have invested a lot in promoting network promotion. 'more and more manufacturers are also starting to focus on the crowd that the new media can involve.

Compared with the traditional media, the new media represented by the Internet media has the characteristics of more real-time transmission and younger audiences, and the cost is relatively low. It has a good effect on the enterprises that want to create more publicity coverage in a short time. As the increasingly fierce competition in the furniture industry, who will be the first brand in the minds of consumers lay, who will be able to seize the market opportunities, Peugeot furniture general manager Zhu Guangyu also quite agree with this: "the furniture industry from the beginning has been 'full competition' in the industry, always is the consumer market, I think everyone is adapt to this process, both the market and the external environment, the temporary adjustment continuously. The change in the new consumption trend, the promotion of this aspect is also a three-dimensional propaganda.

In addition, word-of-mouth communication is the most inexpensive way to cost also plays a considerable role, the geometric means of communication, can often have a multiplier effect, but to grasp the word-of-mouth enterprise need to do their own self-cultivation, this subtle influence, is actually a requirement for the enterprise itself ability. No matter what brand height you want to achieve, the breadth of publicity is the first thing to pay attention to. How to choose the right way to spread the corresponding publicity network determines whether a brand marketing is successful or not.

To enrich the brand

In the face of fierce competition in the market environment, many manufacturers have seen the importance of brand building, have to intensify publicity, but only propaganda is not enough, how will their brand value increase, determines the consumer awareness of publicity, the results of a full turgidity and no practical value to support the brand building, will like a bubble, when the bubbles have burst, leaving consumers just for the enterprise more distrust, anti effect of this propaganda is often fatal. Therefore, to ensure good product quality, and increase the added value of as much as possible for the brand, is the foundation of brand building, in order to lay this foundation, paved thoroughfare for the long-term development of the business.

The brand should be sublimated

With respect to the products, IT and other industries FMCG, the furniture industry is still in the primary stage of the development process, it also bring the furniture industry a very good brand building environment, in the industry, many brands, the concentration is very low, who can first be accepted by consumers, which caused the advantages will be very difficult to go beyond.

In reference to the advanced industry practice, sublimation of additional features for the brand, perhaps is a shortcut, and all the furniture in the 'big brother' exchange, Xiao Bian noticed a phenomenon, everyone for the key of the brand construction, still remain in the reputation and brand coverage to create, and to brand itself can mark, and not too much to consider, so there is an embarrassing situation, when creating a furniture brand, we tend to consumers express is excellent, the quality of our products is a standard of environmental protection, we are responsible for the brand, but the problem is that this is true. A very good way to let consumers see the brand sincerity, see manufacturers intentions. But if all the people say, so there 'brand characteristics, all in one story' is difficult to 'independent' free.

Throughout the world famous brands, we can see that every brand has its own unique story, has its own brand appeal, so as to attract the corresponding audience, and become a leader in admiration. In contrast, the furniture industry can achieve such a high degree of almost nothing, which is related to the relatively short development time of furniture industry, but it is also an unrelaxing aspect to create a mature brand and separate it from other enterprises.

To sum up, brand building is a three-dimensional project. We should not only consider the breadth of the dissemination, but also consider the connotation of the brand itself. Only when we improve our brand appeal and brand value, can we get the best results if we use all kinds of channels to spread it. But in today's furniture industry, we also see that both the development of the enterprise, or the funds required to allocate, restrict the operation of brand building, however, in the foreseeable future, who is the first to do this will be their own brands truly, easy to accept, the characteristics of clear. Who will be the first talent shows itself in the fierce competition, occupy the high consumption of furniture

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